Itorero Ubumwe  (Group of Unity) – Kimonyi

Dancers speak out


Can killers and victims live together in unity and love? The people of the Kimonyi Reconciliation Village in Northern Rwanda demonstrate that reality, and have formed a group — Itorero Ubumwe — to tell their story through dance.  With the help and vision of Pastor Deo Gashagaza of Prison Fellowship Rwanda, reconciliation villages were formed where Hutus and Tutsis–those who killed and those who were wounded or lost family members–now live together in peace.  Here those who were once enemies now live, work, and serve each other side by side.  As one of the Itorero Ubumwe dancers who as a Hutu had fought against the Tutsis says, “I realized they [the Tutsis] are our relatives. We are even the same blood.”  Yet another dancer says, describing how the Hutus and Tutsis live together in harmony, “We share everything, we converse, we take care of each other when we have problems.” Another team member says, “We want to tell people outside Rwanda — it is reality happening in lives, in Rwandan people who have embraced unity and reconciliation.”  This video captures the joy and celebration of those who have suffered much yet have experienced the joy and freedom of true, practical reconciliation. Their dance exhibits love and hope; their faces exude the joy. See it for yourself.  Click on the video to watch.

Practical Reconciliation Initiatives in the Reconciliation Villages

(To read more about the Kimonyi Reconciliation Village, click here).

Mukono School Water Tanks – A Story of new life

We are happy to say that in response to the generosity of donors, the water problem at Mukono School is now resolved. They have 14 water tanks and the children no longer have walk miles every day to haul water.We are leaving this video up as a testimony to the goodness of the Lord!  Click here to read about the water tanks supplied!

Credits:Produced by Gerrit Wolfaardt & Thabo Wolfaardt
Director/Camera: Thabo Wolfaardt
Camera: Fils Habimana
Sound Mixer: Safali R. Eugene
Voice Over: Brad Behan

Fundraiser to Empower Rwandan Women to move from Poverty to Provision – we raised the $5000 through your gifts. Thank you!

10 Responses to Videos

  1. Brilliant video’s. Congratulations Gerrit, Thabo and the rest of the team. If ever there were worthy projects, it would be the ones highlighted in the video’s. It is a priviledge to be part of Gerrit’s ministry in Rwanda. May God greatly bless your work.

  2. Well done, Thabo! Keep up the good work. Gerrit, my friend, may God continue to bless you in this important work, and keep you healthy and safe. NT+

  3. Wow, great job with the videos on your web site!
    So glad to have met you this short time in Colorado Springs. We hope to serve the people of Rwanda up close and personal, if the LORD allows.
    We will remember you in our prayers, for Jesus sake,
    Ken & Cathy

  4. Excellent video on Kimonyi Reconciliation Village and the dancers. Having been there, this video says it all. Another fantastic project by Gerrit and his team. Well done guys and thank you for the opportunity to be part of your ministry.

  5. Gerrit. What a blessing our LORD has used in you and Thabo in the production of this video. The people it has and will touch is much more that we will ever know. I am sending it on to my friends and family.
    Blessings my friend hope to see you soon.

  6. Siyabonga kakhulu for this tremendously inspiring and continuing story Gerrit. As you problably know, you and Wilson Goeda were my two inspiriations God used to call me into reconciliation ministry here in The Valley of 1000 Hills with the YWAM teams and teaching in the Zulu schools, 14 yrs later I’m still here and your perseverance inspires perseverence in me as well. Heaps of blessings on you and all yours. Pat Blair

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