In 2002 Messenger films produced the feature-length film, Final Solution, about the life of Gerrit  Wolfaardt.  This film is now packaged with a bonus dvd, From One Blood, a documentary in which Gerrit Wolfaardt tells viewers in his own words the details of his incredible transformation. Click here to learn more about the movie and documentary.

View scene from the movie Final Solution In this short but provocative scene from the movie Final Solution Pastor Peter Lekota (John Kani) urges the riled crowd in the church to keep the past in the past, and to listen to Gerrit’s testimony, as he is a changed man now.

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What does God Know About Business What does God know about business? is the autobiographical account of a successful South African businessman’s conversion, and of his steadfast determination to involve God in all aspects of his business and his personal life.This moving testimony explores the ways in which each of us can bring God into our everyday lives, and touches on such deeply personal and spiritual issues as integrity, adversity, the fear of failure, lust, materialism, pride, debt-free living and burnout. It provides practical guidelines on how to counteract some of these “red lights on the dashboard of life”, and is supported by the author’s own inspiring experiences of God’s influence in his life. Whether you are tired of spiritual mediocrity or are just looking for down-to-earth answers to some of life’s many challenges, What does God know about business? will motivate and energize you.Click here to learn more about the author, Nico van der Merwe, who is also a board member for The Word for All Nations.  Book price: $12.00 paperback; $9.99 Kindle (on