Reconciliation Villages

VIDEOS!! Please check out the excellent videos about the Kimonyi Reconcilation Village Dancers and Practical Reconciliation Initiatives at this link.

The Prison Fellowship of Rwanda has established four “Reconciliation Villages” where ex-combatants, genocide survivors/victims, and ex-prisoners live, work, and re-build their lives together.  Each of these four villages (Musanze, Kageyo, Mbyo, and Rweru have from 300-700 residents.)

The residents of these villages are for the most part starting life all over, with little to no resources.  But their determination to heal, to move on with their lives, and to provide for themselves and their families is both inspiring and honorable.  You can help  the Rwandan people to renew their dreams and rebuild their lives through your gifts towards:

  • Vocational training goods, e.g., sewing machines ($150 each), scrubs, carpentry materials, welding materials, farming needs
  • Vocational training personnel ($300-$500 per month per trainer)
  • Literacy training
  • Reconciliation training
  • Construction of primary, secondary and vocational schools
  • Construction of new homes ($5000 per home)
  • Livestock (goats, chickens, cows)
  • Seeds and fertilizer for agricultural projects


Note:  If you desire to designate a particular use of your donation, you may indicate that during the checkout process.  If no project is specified, the funds will be used where most needed. Thank you for your partnership with The Word for All Nations in our desire to come alongside this ministry in Rwanda. At least 90% of your gift will go directly to the projects on this page. A minimal amount may be withheld for administrative costs.